Revised June 2019

UPDATE: SAAR is hearing complaints from residents and HOAs about agents who are not in compliance with open house sign ordinances. Cities are taking notice, and some are revisiting enforcement options such as sign permit fees and display restrictions; proactively policing ourselves will help prevent negative repercussions such as these.

Open House Sign Ordinances
The following ordinances are compiled for your convenience. We do our best to ensure accuracy, but encourage you to verify all information. Click on the links below to see the open house sign ordinances in each municipality.


Town of Carefree Zoning Ordinance; Article VIII; Section 12.K | REAL ESTATE SIGNS PDF (Eff. 1/3/2019)

  1. An “Open House” sign is allowed only for any residential use and nonresidential condominiums
  2. An “Open House” sign shall be a sandwich or tent style with a maximum height of three (3) feet
  3. An “Open House” sign shall contain the words “Open House” and/or an arrow.  It may also include:
    1. The address of the property, and/or
    2. The name and/or logotype of the listing broker, or agent and/or their contact information, or
    3. If the home is “For Sale by Owner” (“FSBO”), the name and/or contact information of the property owner or their representative
  4. An “Open House” sign may only be displayed during the actual hours of the open house and while the property owner or selling broker/representative is present at the open house
  5. “Open House” signs shall have no riders or attachments, except one (1) rider having maximum dimensions of 6”x24”, only displaying the name and/or contact information for the owner of the subject property, or the respective selling broker
  6. One (1) onsite “Open House” sign is allowed on the subject property.  No permit is required for this sign.
  7. In addition to the onsite “Open House” sign, up to eight (8) additional offsite “Open House” signs located in the Town right-of-way may be allowed per any one (1) open house, subject to the following:
    1. Pursuant to Carefree Town Code Article 11-3, Section 11-3-3, an open house sign permit is required for offsite “Open House” signs
    2. An offsite “Open House” sign shall pertain only to a property located in the Town of Carefree
    3. One (1) “Open House” sign is allowed at the intersection of two (2) or more streets
    4. Two (2) signs are allowed at street intersections on Cave Creek Road or Tom Darlington Drive, one on each side of the right-of-way
    5. Properties which are not located at the corner of an intersection, but which have access fronting Cave Creek Road or Tom Darlington Drive, may have one (1) sign in the right-of-way on the side opposite to their property
    6. One (1) sign may be placed in the right-of-way where a curve in the street is sharper than a right angle, but where there is no intersecting street
    7. For gated communities, one (1) “Open House” sign may be placed at the entrance in the common area or the right-of-way adjacent to the gated entrance. Such sign shall be approved by the respective homeowners’ association
    8. Signs are not allowed in any medians that divide portions of paved or unpaved roads
    9. The “Open House” sign shall be placed a minimum of one (1) foot behind the curb. If no curb is present, signs shall be located a minimum of three (3) feet from the edge of the pavement
    10. No sign shall be placed so as to obstruct pedestrian, bicycle, and/or vehicular traffic and visibility
    11. Sign placement and/or quantity of signs, other than as described above, may be approved by the town zoning administrator.

Cave Creek

Town of Cave Creek Zoning Ordinance; Chapter 9; Section 9.1.D (Adopted 3/4/2019)

  1. [O]ne additional sign may be located on property when that property is being offered for sale, rent, or lease.
  2. When real property is offered for sale, rent, or lease, in addition to the signage authorized by Sections 9.2 and 9.3, up to six (6) signs may be located in the Right-of-Way, or on private property with permission of the property owner, on the day that the real property is opened to the public and while there is a person present on the property to meet members of the public for the purpose of offering it for sale, rent, or lease.
  3. [S]igns allowed under this subsection 9.1.D.4 shall not exceed a maximum of six square feet (6 sq. ft.) in area and three feet (3’) in height per sign and must be professionally produced and secured in such a way to prevent the sign from becoming a traffic hazard. The height of the sign is measured from grade to the highest point of the sign.

Fountain Hills

Town of Fountain Hills Zoning Ordinance; Section 6.08

  1. Open house directional signs shall be used only to direct traffic to a residence for sale, lease or rent
  2. Maximum number of directional signs for each residence for sale, lease or rent shall be five (5)
  3. Maximum area for each sign shall be six (6) square feet
  4. No sign may be greater than twenty-four (24) inches wide and thirty-six (36) inches tall
  5. Signs shall not be illuminated
  6. Sign must contain a directional arrow
  7. Signs shall be placed at least one (1) foot behind the curb; if no curb is present, signs shall be located at least one (1) foot from the edge of the paved portion of the public right-of-way; no sign is allowed on sidewalks or within the center medians that divide portions of paved or unpaved roadways
  8. No sign shall be placed within one hundred fifty (150) linear feet of the Shea Boulevard public right-of-way
  9. Signs must be made by a professional sign company
  10. Signs shall not be located within one hundred (100) linear feet of any sign advertising the same location
  11. Sign placement, other than as described above, may be approved by the Zoning Administrator or authorized designee.

Paradise Valley

Town of Paradise Valley Zoning Ordinance; Chapter XXV

  1. Signs in the right-of-way, or upon public property must be temporary and must comply with the limitations of Table XXV-1. Signs must not be placed or mounted on utility or traffic control structures
  2. Prior to erection all temporary signs must receive a permit issued by the Town
  3. Open house directional signs may be used to direct traffic to a residence for sale, lease, or rent – they must be placed on private property
  4. Maximum number of directional signs is six (6) for each residence for sale, lease or rent
  5. Maximum area for each sign is three (3) square feet
  6. Signs will have a maximum height of thirty-six (36) inches
  7. Signs shall NOT be illuminated, display balloons, flags or make noise
  8. No sign is allowed on sidewalks or within the center medians that divide portions of paved or unpaved roadways
  9. No sign shall be placed within one hundred fifty (150) linear feet of any traffic control light
  10. Open house signs may only be displayed between sunrise and sunset; all temporary signs must be removed each day no later than sunset.


City of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance; Chapter 7; Section 705

  1. A sign that is visible from a public street shall not require a sign permit if the sole purpose of the sign is to provide on-site directional or locational information
  2. Planning and Development staff may issue permits for temporary events (open houses)
  3. Balloons, banners and pennants may be used as temporary signs during an open house, but only when a person is on duty at the open house
    • Balloons shall be subject to the following safety standards: be securely fastened, be set back from the property line at least one foot for each foot of the height of the balloon, including tethering cord, and shall not project above the roofline
    • Banners shall be subject to the following safety standards: be attached to a solid structure in a secure manner, have a minimum clearance of eight feet above grade when placed above an area open for the common or general use of the public, be vented to ensure they will withstand wind pressure from any direction applied to the projected exposed area, and shall not project above the roofline
  4. Portable “A” frame signs, pennants, streamers, or other similar devices are not permitted, except as directional signs for open houses (see #6 below).
  5. Temporary, nonilluminated, real estate signs, not more than six square feet in area, advertising the sale or rental of premises on which the sign is located do not require a permit.
  6. Six (6) real estate directional signs, which may be portable, are allowed for an open house. Each sign shall not exceed an area of four square feet, shall be erected only when a person is on duty at the open house, and shall not be erected without the consent of the property owner on whose property it is erected.
  7. Limited to no more than four (4) events at one site in a calendar year.
  8. No sign shall emit any sound which is intended to attract attention beyond the boundaries of the lot on which it is located or which creates a public nuisance.
  9. No sign shall be animated or contain the optical illusion of sign movement, except as may be allowed in the commercial land use designations as defined in Section 705.D.1.a, subject to obtaining a use permit in accordance with the provisions of Section 307.
  10. No sign shall occupy public property in any manner, nor shall any sign extend across a property line where such property line borders a public or private street, highway, alley, lane, parkway, avenue, road, sidewalk, or other right-of-way, whether such a right-of-way has been dedicated to the public in fee or by easement, and whether or not such right-of-way has been used as right-of-way.
  11. Planning and Development personnel may, without notification, cause to be removed any temporary or portable sign erected upon or projecting into public property.
  12. Signs are prohibited to interfere with visibility at street intersections or driveways. at all public street intersections, there shall be no sign erected between the heights of three (3) feet and ten (10) feet and no obstruction to vision between those heights.
  13. No sign shall be erected, operated, used or maintained which:

    • Due to its position, shape, color, format, or illumination, obstructs the view of, or may be confused with, an official traffic sign, signal, or device or any other official sign.
    • Displays lights resembling the flashing lights customarily associated with danger or those used by police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency vehicles.
    • Uses in a manner which may confuse motor vehicle operators, the words “stop,” “warning,” “danger,” “turn,” or similar words implying the existence of danger or the need for stopping or maneuvering.
    • Creates in any other way an unsafe distraction for motor vehicle operations.
    • Obstructs the view of motor vehicle operators entering a public roadway from any parking area, service drive, alley, or other thoroughfare.


Article VIII – Sign Requirements – Section 8.600 – Temporary Signs Allowed

  1. Open house directional signs shall be used to direct traffic to a residence for sale
  2. Such sign shall be used only when a sales person or homeowner or homeowner’s agent is present during the time of the open house; between the hours of 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  3. A total of six (6) off-premise open house directional signs shall be allowed at a rate of one (1) sign per each turning movement beginning at the residence for sale and allowed for a maximum one-half (1/2) mile radius distance from the residence for sale
  4. The maximum area of each such sign shall be six (6) square feet
  5. The maximum height of such sign shall be three (3) feet
  6. Prohibited elements: No illumination, searchlights, amplified sound, animation, reflective materials, or attachments including, but not limited to, balloons, flags, pinwheels, ribbons, or speakers
  7. Such sign shall not be placed in any right-of-way, sidewalk, median, bike path, trail, pedestrian pathway or create a traffic hazard
  8. Shall not be attached or placed on a light pole, directional sign or supports, traffic control device, utility cabinet, bridges, or other similar structures.

For Sale/Rent/Lease Sign Ordinances
The Arizona REALTORS® state association has a summary of For Sale Sign Laws in Arizona and the rules regulating restrictions from HOAs here: