Ohio Couple Camps Out in Airbnb While Waiting for a Phoenix Home

By Angela Gonzales | Phoenix Business Journal

The Phoenix housing market is crazy hot right now — just ask an Ohio couple currently camping out in an Airbnb as they lose bid after bid on their dream home.

In May, when the couple arrived in Phoenix to look for a home and find new jobs, it was exciting for them as they expected to find a house within the first two or three weeks.

“What we realized is the market was a lot hotter than we anticipated it being,” said Nick Gibson. “As we got ready to make some offers on homes, we soon realized that it was a completely different ballgame than we anticipated.”

Many of the offers on homes were well above the asking price, said Allie Gibson.

“That forced us to change the location we were looking at homes,” she said, adding that they originally didn’t plan on buying a home so far out on the periphery of the Valley.

“We thought we could get a lot of square footage with a pool for a reasonable price,” she said.

When the couple started thinking about moving to Phoenix two years ago, they figured they would find a home for $225,000. That budget doubled and now is closer to $450,000.

The Gibsons currently are paying about $1,500 a month to rent an Airbnb. They came to the Valley with the idea of starting fresh, and found work a lot quicker than it’s taken them to purchase a home. Allie is working in the retail/consumer goods supply chain sector while Nick is in the health care industry.

“It’s scary being a buyer right now,” said Allie.

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