Winning Sales Strategies During a Pandemic

On August 27, REALTORS® Allison Cahill, Jonathan Miller and Brock O’Neal comprised a Virtual Happy Hour peer panel called “Kicking It During COVID: Winning Sales Strategies”. Here are a few highlights.

Q: What changes have you made in your business since the start of the pandemic?

Miller: Coping with buyers’ or sellers’ anxiety. Giving them a level of comfort in how we would handle showings.

O’Neal: Some sellers may require gloves, some may require masks…keep different supplies in your car. I drive separately from everybody, unless it’s an out of state client.

Cahill: I have a lot of buyers from California and Chicago. The biggest challenge I’m finding right now with FaceTime is the phone overheating!

Q: What tip can you share that has really helped you generate business?

O’Neal: I’ve picked up quite a few clients on the golf course…get paired up with random people and make friends for four hours.

Cahill: I would mail virtual reality goggles to anyone who didn’t feel safe coming into a home. It’s pretty cool technology because it literally feels that you’re walking through the home. On the listing side, if it has a home office or a gym, I put a lot of emphasis on that.

Q: What are you doing to keep your sanity and unplug?

Cahill: On Saturdays, I am forcing myself to stop about seven o’clock at night and put my phone away. And then, I do the same thing on Sundays at five o’clock.

Miller: We’ve actually taken some mini vacations. We went to Flagstaff recently and we were able to hike and do some outdoor stuff.

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