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RAPAC events give REALTORS® influence over change

It’s not unusual to hear about a RAPAC event that needs contributions from members. The real message is that the funds raised during events such as the upcoming Rockin’ 4 RAPAC (Oct. 4) go to support advocacy efforts on important issues, which impact homeownership and the real estate industry. The recent collaboration with Scottsdale City Council members to develop a workable Sign Ordinance, the reauthorizing of the National Flood Insurance Program or battling Tax Reform are just a few of the ways your contributions have served the real estate community.

Next Wednesday, real estate professionals have the opportunity to support advocacy efforts while “rocking’” the night away and even sending one of their own into the pool during the YPN Broker Splash during Rockin’ 4 RAPAC at BLK Live in Scottsdale. Registration for this event ($50 per person) is collected as a RAPAC contribution, and members can meet their annual contribution goal while having a great time and even contribute further by bidding on some amazing, luxurious auction items, which are available for viewing in pre-bid mode now!