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Home automation: Is your home as smart as your car?

This article is special to the SAAR blog from Valley audio-visual expert, Buzz Jensen.

Think about it …

Think about all the built-in conveniences your car has; remote keyless entry, motorized windows, back up camera, alarm, automatic speed control, GPS, Bluetooth, premium sound system, automatic temperature control, automatically adjusts to your preferred seat and mirror settings, crash avoidance protection, etc. Shouldn’t homes have the same conveniences taken for granted in cars?

Not everyone is aware of the newer integrated and automatic electronics that have become standard fare in many homes. Think about the simplicity of having your phone, tablet or just one simple remote control operate your:

  • television and surround sound system

    Since 1978 Valley audio-visual expert, Buzz Jensen has been meeting the AV needs of discriminating clients by providing personalized solutions for home automation and/or entertainment system installations.

  • independent music sources in other rooms
  • burglar alarm
  • deadbolt door locks
  • security shutters
  • security cameras
  • thermostats
  • inside and outside lighting
  • window shade screens
  • spas and misting systems

Operate everything connected to the system using your smart phone, tablet or computer from almost anywhere in the world. This is perfect for part-time residences or if you’re renting out your home. It’s easy to add these conveniences all at once or one step at a time. It’s just a matter of replacing the “dumb” light switches and thermostats with smart ones.

Adding conveniences.

If this is your winter home; use your phone to view your surveillance cameras, unlock the door and turn off the alarm for a cleaning person or plumber.  Returning from out of town? Use your phone to adjust the thermostats and turn on your spa.

The cost may be less than you may think as they’ve dropped by more than half from five years ago. An automation system with features like operating: your home entertainment system, some lights, a deadbolt door lock & a couple of thermostats runs about $3, 500. That has to be worth it. Right?

Keep burglars away and never walk into a dark house again! Have a pathway of inside lights turn on automatically at dusk to makes it look like your home all the time.  Adding conveniences can also mean adding safety.

Buzz Jensen is an insured & licensed contractor (ROC 213414) and the owner of Paradise Home Entertainment, Inc. He has received many national and local awards including; “Custom AV Retailer of the Year,” and twice recommended as the number one audiovisual (AV) business by Ranking Arizona. He’s past president and board of directors of two international organizations servicing the audio, video and home automation industry. He can be reached at 480-315-8877 or his company website at www.paradise-he.com.