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URGENT! Proposed new Scottsdale sign ordinance detrimental to local real estate

[Please see the updated message from SAAR published March 20, 2017]

The Scottsdale City Council is being presented with a new proposed text amendment to its existing sign ordinance this coming Tuesday, March 21, at the city council meeting.  The new proposed amendments however are practically a complete rewrite of the whole ordinance. It is being presented as a more simplified ordinance, but what they have done is to lump all real estate signage regulations in with all temporary and semi-permanent signage, regardless of its intended purpose.  

SAAR’s Government Affairs Committee has reviewed and provided comment on the ordinance prior to its presentation to City Council, unfortunately not all of the concessions we had requested were accommodated.  Following are three key elements, which are present in the current proposal and will be of great detriment to REALTORS® and their clients:

  • Post and Panel Sign display restriction – Maximum:  (1) No more than 2 occurrences in a calendar year, with a minimum of 35 days between each occurrence; and (2) 182 days within a calendar year.
  • Placement of Post and Panel Signs:  i.  On private property.   ii.  Minimum of 15 feet from back of street curb.  iii.  Where there is no street curb, a minimum of 15 feet from the edge of the pavement or edge of a city-maintained dirt road or shoulder. 
  • Portable Signs – Display Restrictions:  No more than twelve activities per lot in residential districts.

If these items are adopted by the city council, the negative impact to Scottsdale’s real estate market is exponential! 

We need all SAAR members to take action NOW!

If you have already sent a letter to the Scottsdale City Council regarding this issue, thank you. If not, please use the link below and read the original message, which contains the link to generate a pre-filled email to council expressing our deep concerns. 

Click here for the original email message to tell the Scottsdale City Council your position on the proposed sign ordinance

For more information on the Scottsdale Sign Ordinance, visit: http://eservices.scottsdaleaz.gov/planning/projectsummary/cc_reports/CC_2_TA_2016.pdf

Other key action to take is to attend the city council meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 5 p.m. in the City Hall – Kiva Building.  We suggest you get there by 4:30 p.m. in order to get a seat and have time to fill out a comment card. 

Mailing address for the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®:

8600 E. Anderson Dr., Suite 200 | Scottsdale, AZ 85255
P 480 945 2651  |  F 480 422 7945  

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