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Desert Discovery Center Workshop Videos and Project Definition Report Available Online

[Reprinted from the City of Scottsdale]

Thank you to everyone who attended the Nov. 30 Community Workshops. We had over 300 people participate and give their input.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the Desert Discovery Center Concept, but were unable to attend, we recorded the presentations given at the workshops. Participants in attendance moved through a series of experiences represented by each of the three presentation links below:

Project Introduction

Designing the DDC Experience

Evolving the Plan – Moving Beyond Phase 2

The next public meeting will take place in spring 2017 and will be focused on design.

Project Update

The experience design firm, Thinc Design, has completed its Project Definition Report, which presents the concepts currently being explored. Thinc Design proposes that the Desert Discovery Center’s story of living in the desert be presented through a series of four questions:

  1. What is this place?
  2. What don’t we see?
  3. What can we learn from living in the desert?
  4. What future do we want to create?

Experiences would focus on the distinctive features of the Sonoran Desert and would “peel away the layers” to uncover the “mysteries” of the desert that cannot be seen in one day or on one hike. Native American traditions and current research would give a perspective on how the community “lives well” in the desert and would motivate visitors to contribute to a sustainable future.

The next phase of work will be for the experience designer to develop its Interpretation Plan to hone in on the conceptual details of these experiences. The architect also will be moving into schematic design. The next public meeting will take place in spring 2017 and will be focused on design.

For more information, please visit the Desert Discovery Center webpage.