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2016 Post Elections Coverage | Impact on the Real Estate Industry

2016 Post Elections Coverage | Impact on the Real Estate Industry

In hundreds of races around the country, from governorships to state legislatures to city councils, REALTORS® have gotten involved in support of REALTOR® Champions—candidates who understand the importance of real estate in creating vibrant communities.

What does this involvement look like?  REALTORS® have used local, state and national REALTOR® Party resources to produce mailings, buy online ads, and conduct polling on behalf of their industry endorsed candidates.

This election, the REALTOR® Party has participated in hundreds of races:

Federal Races

426 House

32 Senate

47 Opportunity

State & Local Races

412 REALTOR® Champion Races

*Almost 100 of these candidates were REALTORS®


For 2016, $25 million was spent on Congressional Election races alone.

If you notice though, the REALTOR® Party does not participate in Presidential races.  Why is that?  National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Senior Vice President & Chief Lobbyist – Jerry Giovaniello sums this up the best:

  • Most of our business is handled at the level of the House and Senate and this is where we will have the most impact.
  • Presidential campaigns are very expensive and not a wise use of our investment dollars.
  • Legislators realize that the voters are at the grassroots level and they respect their voices at that level. Consequently, we must continue to grow our grassroots initiatives to institute change.

Our goal is to, “make FRIENDS before you NEED them.” It’s at the local, state and congressional levels where we need these friends to have the most impact. As such, we are working hard to advance real estate policies and candidacies that support these policies on all levels.

What are some of the key issues we will be working on with our new REALTOR® Champions in the coming year?

  • Tax Reform | Preserving the MID and 1031 Like-Kind Exchange
  • Fannie/Freddie Reform
  • Rent Control
  • Market Place Fairness Act
  • Dodd Frank Changes

To hear more about all the issues, watch the recorded REALTOR® Party Post Election Webcast with NAR’s Senior Vice President & Chief Lobbyist – Jerry Giovaniello and Political Consultant – Doug Sosnik: