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zipForm integration coming to RPR

RPR users who have zipForm accounts can jump from one application to the other, thanks to this new integration. From RPR’s Property Details page, most zipForm users will automatically see a zipForm Transactions button.


Setting up zipForm integration

Initially, you will need to link your RPR and zipForm accounts. When you log in to RPR and click on the zipForm Transactions link, a prompt will lead you through the simple steps to do so. It can be done from your Profile page in the new Connected Apps section.


Once zipForm Transactions is selected, users will be prompted to start a new transaction or edit an existing transaction (if one has been started for the same address.) From there, the user will continue to zipForm to work on the transaction or stay in RPR. Many form fields will be filled in using the public records data in RPR. Listing data is NOT passed to zipForm (you’ll still want to use MLS Connect for that).

Public record fields passed from RPR to zipForm include: address (used as Transaction Name), property full address, FIPS, tax account number, county, legal brief description, APN, legal subdivision name, year built, current owner name and full address; legal lot number, unit, city township, municipality, and block; and recorders book number and page number from assessments.