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Scottsdale ranks 4th best cities for millennials

Gogobot, a popular travel app that helps users “discover amazing places” recently released its ranking of “The 10 Best Mid-Sized American Cities for Millennials” by looking at how Millennials (those born in 1982 or later) reviewed restaurants and attractions in each city. Scottsdale placed number 4 on the list, behind Boulder, Colorado, but ahead of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Specifically, the report pointed to Old Town Scottsdale, which “has a lot going on”, namely “food, nightlife, and shopping options, as well as the many festivals”.

While the ranking focused mainly on visitors, we know that many homeowners in Scottsdale were first introduced to our wonderful city when they visited on vacation. If Scottsdale is appealing to Millennial visitors, is it also appealing to Millennial homeowners?

The data suggests it is! Recent data from realtor.com (below) show that the Millennial homeownership rate in Arizona is 42%, compared to the national average of less than 35% for this age range.

Jonathan Smoke_AZ_Consumer_Trends_033016_Page_07

A slide from the realtor.com presentation at AAR’s spring convention