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Urgent call for action: Scottsdale City Council votes Jan 11

Act now on this urgent call for action:

As you may know, the SAAR Board of Directors voted in February 2014 to support the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) – an incredible, immersive experience that would draw visitors and residents alike to learn about the desert and our beautiful Sonoran Preserve. The DDC is good for your business, good for homeowners, good for tourism, and good for Scottsdale’s quality of life.

Many of your clients first discovered Scottsdale through one of our signature events – such as Barrett Jackson – or perhaps from a golf vacation or horse show at WestWorld. The lifestyle, activities, and beautiful scenery are what make Scottsdale a destination for visitors. And this year’s visitors are next year’s homeowners.

That is why the Desert Discovery Center is so important to Scottsdale. 30 years ago, the citizens of Scottsdale made a brave decision to invest in the Sonoran Preserve, and its protection has become instrumental in attracting visitors, businesses and homeowners. It is now time for Scottsdale citizens to make another brave decision.
Click here to tell City Council to take the NEXT STEPS for Scottsdale’s Desert Discovery Center

The City Council votes on Monday, January 11th, on a contract with Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc, a non-profit organization that would manage the DDC, in addition to granting final site approval. A “YES” vote is critical to the future of a Desert Discovery Center in Scottsdale.

Not sure what the Desert Discovery Center is all about? Learn more at ScottsdaleDesertCenter.com, or watch this video interview conducted by SAAR.